In spite being one of the earliest civilization on earth, no one knew about Indus Valley Civilization till the  second decade of 20th century. This civilization was ahead of its time. In this post. I will share the Indus Valley Civilization important points list.

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Indus Valley Civilization Important Points List

Ruins of Indus Valley Civilization, Punjab. Image Source: WikiMedia Commons

Indus Valley Civilization Important Points List

  1. Harappa and Mohenjodaro were the capital cities of Indus Valley Civilization
  2. Cities which had ports were Lothal, Sutkahemdor, Allahdino, Balakot and Kuntasi.
  3. The oldest name of this civilization is Indus valley civilization.
  4. The most appropriate name according to archaeological tradition is Harappan Civilization. Because Harrapa was the first discovered site.
  5. If we take the geographical point of view than the most suitable name would be Indus-Saraswati Civilization.
  6. 80% of the settlement is along the Saraswati.
  7. The most accepted period for this civilization is 2500 BC – 1750 BC (by Carbon-14 dating).
  8. John Marshall was the first scholar to use the term ‘Indus Valley Civilization‘.
  9. The Indus Valley Civilization belongs to the Proto-Historic Period (Chalcolithic Age/Bronze Age).
  10. The Indus Valley Civilization was spread over Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Western U.P., and Northern Maharashtra.
  11. Scholars generally believe that the Harappa-Ghaggra-Mohenjodaro axis represents the heartland of the Indus Valley Civilization.
  12. The Northern-most site of Indus Valley Civilization- Ropar(Sutlej)/Punjab(Earlier); Manda(Chenab)/Jammu-Kashmir (now).
  13. The Southern-most site of Indus Valley Civilization– Bhagatrav(Kim)/Gujarat(Earlier); Daimabad (Pravara)/Maharashtra (Now).
  14. The Eastern-most site of Indus Valley Civilization– Alamgirpur(Hindon)/Uttar Pradesh.
  15. The Western-most site of Indus Valley Civilization– Sutkagendor(Dash)/Makran Coast, Pakistan-Iran Border.
  16. Remain of the a horse has been found in Surkotada(Kutchh district, Gujarat).
  17. Harappans were able to produce tin, copper, lead and bronze.
  18. Largest site of this civilization is Mohenjodaro.
  19. Largest Indian site of this civilization is Rakhigarhi.
  20. Most of the scholars think that Dravidians were the maker of this civilization.

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